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Our studio will remind you more of a television studio than a standard photography studio. We have perfected the chroma-key technology (also known as “Green Screen”) in which we can place you before your choice of thousands of backgrounds. We can even design a custom background for you based on your tastes and interests.  In this region of the United States the weather is not always favorable,  so with a few mouse clicks you can be any where you want.  Join us in the creative process, or leave it up to our creative artists. Retouching is our specialty, done on premises and to your satisfaction. We will grant permission for you to place our images on your MySpace or FaceBook.


Top quality photographs at reasonable pricing is everything to us!  Our goal is to capture moments for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Phil Prosser: MCSE

 Photographer, and guy who sweeps up and runs the elevators

No one leaves unhappy!

Everyone leaves amazed!

As Close to Magic as You can Get!

New Location:  100 7th Ave

Chardon, OH 44024